Manufacturer's Warranty

Effective: 2020

Skyzalimit Design extends a limited warranty to the structural components and accessories of its products. Warranty considered products shall have been subject to only normal use and service and should not have been misused, neglected, altered, improperly set up or otherwise damaged; and, there shall be no evidence of tampering or deliberate misuse or destruction. Packaging standards, similar to those used by Skyzalimit, should be maintained for all products being returned to Skyzalimit. See Freight Damage. Defects to Skyzalimit products will be determined solely by Skyzalimit and not by any representative, distributor or dealer of, or for the company. Upon determination of a defect, within the specified warranty period guidelines, Skyzalimit's sole obligation will be to repair or replace, at its' discretion, the defective part with same or similar product. Any claim against Skyzalimit for defects in materials or workmanship must be in writing.

Skyzalimit must authorize the return of any alleged or defective part before it is returned. The party making the claim must prepay all shipping and transportation costs, which will be reimbursed if the product is covered under warranty. Skyzalimit will not accept shipping charges for parts purchased unless the conditions of the warranty have been satisfied. Skyzalimit reserves the right to substitute, discontinue, alter or modify any product or part thereof, at any time without prior notice. In such cases Skyzalimit may, at its sole discretion, substitute the warranted product.

Standard Warranty

Should a problem be experienced with a Skyzalimit product within the specified warranty period, please contact the Skyzalimit Customer Service Department to determine the nature of the product failure and to establish an adequate solution. If a return for repair is needed, returns must be made within 30 business days of return authorization issued by Skyzalimit. At a minimum, clear pictures of the defect in question are required to begin the return/warranty process. Skyzalimit reserves the right to request various forms of documentation, including but not limited to photos, proof of destruction, and copies of packing slips to ensure the issue is resolved promptly. Failure to provide the necessary information requested by Skyzalimit may delay the claim process. An RMA/Case number may be issued depending on the warranty/claim. This number must be used in regards to all correspondence with the issue and adhered to any packaging sent to Skyzalimit for assessment. Failure to adhere RMA/Case information to a package will delay the claim/warranty process. Should you need to return a product due to order cancellation or any reason including warranty matters, Skyzalimit reserves the right to carry out a full inspection of the product before accepting the return.

Order Cancellation

Order cancellations must be made in writing with receipt of the cancellation confirmed by a Skyzalimit representative. Cancellation of a production order for which Skyzalimit has produced or ordered raw materials may result in Skyzalimit fully charging for materials and labour if the order has gone into production. All cancellation orders at a minimum will result in a cancellation fee of $50 or 10% of the order value, whichever is higher.

Return Policy

To ensure we service our customer as timely as possible for prospect returns or damaged items each order should be inspected and verified to Skyzalimit's packing list as soon as possible following delivery. If a discrepancy is found, please contact the Skyzalimit Customer Service Department immediately. Skyzalimit waives restocking fees and accepts an even price exchange of standard products within ten days of receiving product. Should a return of unused product be requested for any reason other than a warranty matter, ten days or more after the shipping date, contact Skyzalimit Customer Service Department for a determination if Skyzalimit will accept the desired return. Skyzalimit will carry out a full inspection of products before deciding whether to accept the return. All returns of this nature are subject to a 25% restocking fee and no freight charges will be refunded. Returns of unused products are not accepted more than 30 days after of receiving product date. If a product is to be returned, it must be returned in the original packaging or equivalent packaging.

All shipments should be inspected immediately upon arrival. Please make note of any damage when signing for shipment. Report any losses or damages promptly to Skyzalimit by e-mail Notification must be made within ten days of receiving product. Keep all shipping/packing material until advised by Skyzalimit or claim is resolved. All returns MUST be authorized by Skyzalimit, which will advise you on return authorization and procedure. Skyzalimit will ship all warranty products via UPS ground.

Freight Damage

Scratches that are inherent to transportation infractions are not an indication of usage of the product. Skyzalimit does takes preventative measures to ensure that packages are protected from such infractions, but cannot guarantee minor scratches or dent imperfections relating to shipping incidents. Products arriving damaged in shipping are considered 'non-warranty issues' and claims must be made to Skyzalimit Customer Service Department within ten days of receiving product. Digital photos may be required to document damage to the shipping container and/or product. Please be sure to sign for the package(s) as 'damaged'. Upon authorization to return the damaged product, all returns must be made to Skyzalimit within 30 days of delivery. Insuring your packages with the shipper is recommended as Skyzalimit is not responsible for lost or misplaced shipments.

Out of Warranty Service

Skyzalimit will continue to service its products, even after the standard warranty ends. If a product fails outside of the warranty period, contact our technical support team to provide you with various options available including cost.


Product Line Warranty

Skyzalimit warrants their products for the lifetime of each product against manufacturer's defects in materials and workmanship of the hardware, and should arrive to you in new, working condition. Products carry the warranty specified for that category.

Retractable & Non-Retractable Banner Stands
1 year

(all shapes and sizes): 4 years
(POPUPS - Damage to frame caused by improperly closing the frame is not covered by warranty.)

Overhead Rigged Banners
(all shapes and sizes): 2 years

Cases/Travel Case Counters/Plastic shippers
1 year
(The warranty of the case is separate from the display it is sold with.)

Counters & Podiums
Podium Tops: All wooden countertops are inherent to varying color, patterns, minor strikes or scratches. These inherent characteristics are not an indication of imperfection, defect or used quality.

PumpUp Backlit Displays & Signs

1 year

Led Expo & Event lights

1 year


Accessories sold by Skyzalimit, (including, but not limited to, bags, lights, shelves, Sanitizer dipensers) are subject to a warranty period of 1 year from the date of purchase against manufacturer's defect in materials and workmanship.

  • Lights
  • Sanitizer gel dispensers
  • Bags


Miscellaneous parts: 1 year

Examples of products that fall into this category are:

  • Zippers
  • Light bulbs
  • Brackets
  • Wraps
  • Tape
  • Spare screws
  • Velcro tape
  • Other similar products.


Dye-sublimation fabric prints are warranted against fading for 6 months. Skyzalimit extends its customer, ten days of receiving product to inspect graphics to insure that they are printed with the proper artwork and submit a claim if there are any errors with the graphic. If a product is deemed to have a graphic error, the product may in no way be used by the customer. Usage of claimed product will void Skyzalimit's responsibility to evaluate or reprint the product. Graphics will not be printed until the proof is approved by the customer in writing, prior to going into production. Failure to approve a final proof, or waiving the right to approve a final proof, will result in the customer assuming full responsibility for the final printed product. Graphics will go to production based on the final approved proof. Skyzalimit shall not be liable for damages, including special, incidental or consequential damages or injuries arising out of or in connection with the performance, use, or setup, of a Skyzalimit product. Skyzalimit is not liable to a reseller or any other party for any costs, loss revenues or profits due to incidental or consequential damages other than for the replacement of a product covered by this limited warranty coverage.


Skyzalimit Warranty Policy does not apply to any costs, repair or replacement of the product for the following exceptions but not limited to:

  • Non-specific usage causing damage to the product.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Age from abuse, misuse, alterations, improper installation, shipping damages.
  • Natural disasters, including but not limited to fire, earthquakes, smoke, lightning, floods and explosions.
  • Failure of owner to take timely action to minimize the loss or damage or to give Skyzalimit timely feedback of notice of defect.
  • Unauthorized product modification, causes external to the product, such as electric power fluctuations or failure, repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorized by Skyzalimit, or failure to follow instructions supplied with the product.
  • Damage from connectors or cables will be presumed to have resulted from misuse and will not be covered by warranty service. It also does not cover any product where the serial number has been defaced, modified or removed or there is cosmetic damage by the purchaser such as markings, discoloration, scratches, dents, anti-theft devices markings, gouges or any other defacement